Dry Cabinet CL 120L Transparent  - 5 Years Warranty
Dry Cabinet CL 120L Transparent  - 5 Years Warranty
Dry Cabinet CL 120L Transparent  - 5 Years Warranty

Dry Cabinet CL 120L Transparent - 5 Years Warranty

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Samurai CL-120L Multi-purpose Transparent Cabinet:

Product Description

Internal Dimension : W400*D340*H830 mm

External Dimension : W425*D370*H880mm

Weight : 20 Kg

Power : 13W

Number of Trays : 3

Product Highlight

1. Front reinforced glass door (with lock). The other three sides are made of high-quality 4.8mm thick high-transmitting acrylic plastic, high-quality anodised aluminum alloy border, and high-strength metal adjustment bracket.

2. The digital touch LCD display can adjust the humidity value range that needs to be set by itself, accurately set the humidity in the box, and display the temperature and humidity in the box.

3. High-quality semiconductor chip condensation cooling moisture absorption function, rapid reduction of humidity, especially suitable for high temperature and humid environment.

4. The blue glare LED lamp can illuminate the interior of the cabinet, which is easy to pick up beautifully and fashionable.

5. The power consumption is extremely low, power-saving and practical, and it can effectively absorb and eliminate moisture.

6. The sealing at the door frame adopts high-quality magnetic sealing tape to effectively insulate moisture.

7. ABS environmentally friendly material four-layer grooved hard tray anti-falling design, which is convenient and safe to pull out the tray.

8. One wavy and three flat sponges are attached to the four-layer drawers, which are convenient for placing items.

9. The left and right side tracks of the tray can be moved up and down, and the height of the tray track can be adjusted to facilitate the placement of high items. The four-sided columns inside the cabinet are made of high-grade aluminum extruded metal material, and the surface plating is oxidised black. It can be safe and weight-resistant.

10. The humidity function can protect valuable 3C electronics or other products from the influence of water vapor, mildew, dust, etc.

11. The product host is guaranteed for 5 years, and the electronic components are guaranteed for 2 years.

Humidity setting table (for reference only, positive or negative 3-5% error value is in the normal range):

  • 55%-45%: optical equipment, cameras, cameras, lenses, microscopes, CDs, discs, slides, documents, photos, currencies, stamps, etc.
  • 45%-35%: metal products, precision instruments, semiconductors, circuit boards, computer equipment, precision measuring instruments, optical instruments, chips, ICs, batteries, etc...
  • 35% or less: chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical materials, seeds, pollen, tobacco, tea, leather, medical drugs, etc...


1. Please do not put corrosive, explosive dangerous substances, volatile and flammable articles in moisture-proof boxes.

2. The distance between the back of the cabinet and other objects or walls is only 5cm, which is convenient for dehumidifying the movement to eliminate moisture.

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