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Samurai Professional Tripod Outdoor X-Carbon

Introducing one of our best selling collections, Samurai tripod, Outdoor X-carbon. Lightweight, sturdy tripods and monopods with different height that best suits individuals

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Samurai Professional Backpack S-Light T01

Introduce another one of our bag collections, Samurai Multi-purpose Professional Backpack, S-Light T01. It is not just a camera backpack, the internal dividers are detachable to be a multi-purpose bag

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Samurai Dry Box With Desicant Silica Gel

Our popular collection, Samurai Dry Boxes is a storage container in which the interior is kept at a low level of humidity

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Samurai Dry Cabinet CL90L (Transparent)

Uses a dehumidifying system to maintain a controlled level of humidity inside the cabinet to protect your items. Available in different shapes and sizes

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