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Audio E10 Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Professional Grade Metallic Design Earbud - 1 Year Warranty

Audio E10 Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Professional Grade Metallic Design Earbud - 1 Year Warranty

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Samurai Audio E10 Wireless Bluetooth Professional Grade Metallic Design Earbud

Metal spray painting process more technological
Using metal spray paint production process, More corrosion resistant, less friction damage, Full of metallic particles, Create a hardcore mecha sci-fi style

Professional-grade sound control
360 degree panorama without noise
Acoustic instrument calibration, Delicate sound is hidden in the headphones The sound is three-dimensional and tense, The details are restored more clearly, and the beautiful music is refreshing

Sensitive metal contacts
Just put and charge
5.2 Low power consumption is the core technology of headphones, It adopts the design of mini energy gathering cabin, which can be charged immediately after discharge.

longer battery life lower power consumption
Large capacity battery charging box
The endurance is about 180 hours, Listen to music and play games without stopping

Portable charging box
Can charge the mobile phone
Large capacity lithium battery charging cabin
It can not only charge the headset, but also charge the mobile phone
Get rid of the embarrassment of cell phone power failure

Magnetic hatch cover
Toggle to open
The hatch cover has a built-in sensitive magnet, No need to force open, It can be opened and closed with just a slight toggle

Regardless of primary and secondary
Detachable ears
Two earphones can be independently connected to different signals non-interference
It is also possible to connect the same signal at the same time Pick up and be a pair of stereos

Fingerprint touch to follow the trend
Enjoy the wonderful sense of pleasure
Using a lightweight fingerprint touch design, switching is very simple, Enjoy the fashionable moments

Play the game and listen to the voice
Feel the live shootout
Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.2 chip,
Reduced power consumption by nearly 50% Longer battery life and more power saving.
The game has low latency, real-time synchronization of the battlefield, Entertainment touch is easy and great

mechanical hardcore natural trendy play
Inspired by science fiction movies, Combining science fiction and music, A new hard shell sci-fi mecha headset was born, Unleash your voices from the future

Grade 7 waterproof no fear of rain
Multi-process design of the headphone body, Reach life-level waterproof, no fear of rain and sweat soaking, Sweat profusely, not afraid of wind and rain

memory pairing remove auto connect
New upgrade Bluetooth 5.2
The first time you need to manually connect, Automatically connect after memory pairing

8mm biological diaphragm
Full drive happens big heart, Audio analysis is good, The details are not distorted, Immersive listening experience

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