Privacy Policy

Samurai Corporation Limited (the ” Company ” ) recognizes that the proper management of personal information is very important. Accordingly, in line with the Samurai Privacy Protection Policy, personal information will be handled in the following manner:

Acquisition of Personal Information 
The Company will acquire in a fair and lawful manner, only such personal information as is necessary, and will ensure that the use of such information is restricted. 
Personal Information Use 
Personal information acquired by the Company may be used in the following ways:

to provide products or services requested by the customer, including product sales, repair and inspection, after-sales service, and catalogue distribution (Personal information includes such information necessary to understand the requirements of the customer such as a customer’s purchase history and repair history)
to enable response to customer requests including customer inquiry history (including the collection of customer inquiries for the purpose of improving the Company’s responsiveness) 
as a reference to determine customer requirements for products, planning, development, advertisement, sales, and service activities of Samurai (This personal information will include answers to questionnaires given at the time of purchase, the customer satisfaction survey, and the customer’s inquiry history) 
to offer product information, company information, service information, and other related information of Samurai, e.g. the sending of a catalogue, new product information, books, magazines or a mail magazine. 
to notify a prizewinner or send a prize, or for the purpose of other communication with the person in question 
to verify participants in exhibitions and seminars and to correspond with them after the event 
to develop and maintain smooth relations with business partners and related entities 
as a reference in the recruitment of an individual where the personal information is provided by an inquirer or an applicant to the Company 
to send necessary documentation to shareholders including notification of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, and to administer dividend payments or other actions as required by the Commercial Code 
as defined by Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable laws and regulations 
The acquired personal information may, provided that particular individuals cannot be identified, be processed and used as statistical data. 
Inquiries from customers regarding their own personal information, including verification of the purpose of the usage of the personal information, and the giving of opinions or making of complaints with regard to personal information handling, shall be forwarded to the section to which the customer initially provided his/her personal information.