Drone Advance Air

Drone Advance Air

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Try crossing up the sticks on the Samurai Advance Air Drone and it will perform an wobbling, twisting turn and then allowing the flight to continue in high stability with perfect control. Thus, this well designed flexibility of the flight control can yield smooth flight and great experience.

The Package comes with the following list:

1) Samurai Advance Air Drone

2) One 3S Battery

3) 2.4G remote control

4) Six Propellers

5) Battery Charger

6) Landing Gear

7) Spanner tool

8) USB Cable

9) User Manual

Battery Parameters – 5600mAh LiPo Battery with 3 hours of full charge

Charger Parameters – Input voltage of 100-240V, charging current of 800mA X 3, balanced current of 200mA and power of 20W

Remote Control Parameters – Frequency of 2.4GHz ISM, Transmitter Channel, Total Communication Distance (outdoor without obstruction) is 500m, Receiver Sensitivity > 93dBm, Emissive Power < 20dBm and Working Current/Voltage of 17mA/12V.








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